Lindsay Lohan Cools Her Chikungunya Pain


Lindsay Lohan was among the millions worldwide who contracted chikungunya in 2014. Like so many others, her joint pain has continued long after the illness ended. Newsmax, on June 18, reported that the actress is resorting to cryotherapy to relieve the pain. The news is a result of several photos posted by Lohan on Instagram over the last two months that revealed the treatments.

June 19, 2015

Everything You Really Need To Know About Inflammation


Of all the wellness buzzwords out there, inflammation might be the buzz-iest, with everyone from traditional docs to natural facialists all fixating on it. And with good reason. “Everything is related to inflammation!” says integrative nutritionist Barbara Mendez, R.Ph., M.S., only half-joking. “It can cause skin conditions, allergies, headaches, very painful menstrual periods, chronic diseases…everything.” With that in mind, we’re breaking the buzz into the basics you need to know:

June 14, 2015

Cleveland Cavaliers Among Growing Number Of Teams To Offer Cryotherapy As Healing Option For Players


CLEVELAND - As a player, LeBron James has ice water in his veins. Cryotherapy may be one of the reasons why. The Cleveland Cavaliers are among the growing number of a professional sports teams to offer the deep freeze treatment as a recovery option.

May 05, 2015

I Spent 3 Minutes Inside a -264 Degree Cryotherapy Machine


“You may now start to hyperventilate and shiver uncontrollably,” I hear. Other than undergarments, I am wearing nothing but athletic socks and clogs on my feet, raw-wool mittens on my hands, and a post-concussive expression on my face. I am ensconced in a shoulder-height cauldron spewing nitrogen-iced air at minus-264 degrees Fahrenheit.

January 30, 2015